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Welcome to Concept Bitcoin.
You're here because Bitcoin piqued your interest.
We're here to guide you on your Bitcoin journey.

Bitcoin is becoming mainstream.
Your friends are discussing Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is all over the news.
Are you ready for Bitcoin?


   Bitcoin for Individuals


Orange Pill Level 1: The Curious

What makes Bitcoin the best store of value?

Why is Bitcoin the solution to inflation?

Orange Pill Level 2: The Enthusiast

Which onramp platforms are best for Bitcoin?

What is a decentralized network?

Orange Pill Level 3: The Bitcoiner

How will global Bitcoin adoption impact me?

How can I be part of the Bitcoin community?

Bitcoin Balance_edited_edited_edited.jpg

​   Bitcoin for Small Businesses

  • Explore the Benefits of Bitcoin

  • Receive Payments in Bitcoin

  • Join the Lightning Network

  • Setup Multisig with Business Partner

  • Install a Bitcoin ATM

  • Proudly Display "We Accept Bitcoin"

  • Enable Bitcoin Rewards & Loyalty

   Bitcoin for Corporations

Bitcoin Tower_edited.jpg

Concept Bitcoin's mission is to deliver professional services to anyone who is ready for Bitcoin's value proposition.

Concept Bitcoin is a professional services consultancy exclusively focused on Bitcoin. We help everyday individuals get familiar with Bitcoin, assist small businesses incorporate Bitcoin functionality into their offering, and consult corporations on staying ahead with Bitcoin in the marketplace. We want to do our part in hyperbitcoinization, because we believe that Bitcoin is a progress enabler that will revolutionize finance, technology, and energy industries while steering humanity toward a bright orange future.


We're based in the NY - NJ area and can be available for either an in-person or remote session. Contact us today for a free introductory consultation for any of your Bitcoin needs.



Contact us today for a free half-hour introductory call to discuss your Bitcoin needs and aspirations.

What is your knowledge level of Bitcoin?

Thanks - we'll get back soon!

We're open-sourcing our educational materials for everyone's benefit. This deck drives our Orange Pill Academy course, which is a 7-hour intensive program that lays the foundation of your Bitcoin knowledge. Feel free to use it for your own purposes. Please note that due to the rapidly evolving Bitcoin landscape, some materials may become outdated. Happy Orange Pilling!


Orange Pill Academy

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